Saturday, January 30, 2010

To All Bosses Out There

This article i got it from somewhere. It's good for developed some one to be a good boss. mmmmmm... Don't be A Bad Boss...

1. Don't Know Your Job

You're the invisible man, the one who doesn't delve into the details or pitch in. You insulate yourself, telling us it's "not my job" and to "just do it." We know your dirty secret: You're out of touch. It's time to step away from your precious spreadsheets and get your hands dirty. You can't channel talent, time, and tools if you don't know how they're already being deployed.

2. Don't Listen

We've seen it all. You fiddle with your BlackBerry (RIMM) when we're speaking. You interrupt constantly to make your points. And you roll your eyes and grow impatient—unless you're talking. No matter, you disregard our input anyway. So we've given up; we don't come to you anymore. And we both suffer for it. If you want to succeed, rebuild that goodwill. It'll require time and toil, but the best relationships always do.

3. Closed-Minded

You're gifted and accomplished, the best and brightest. And that has made you susceptible to pride. Now, you're quick to reach conclusions. Everything is one-sided, with no room for discussion, differences, or dissent. You may view yourself as all-knowing, but conditions change. And talent doesn't stand for "my way or the highway" for long. Pride goeth before a fall. Question is, can you open up and adapt before then?

4. Poor Preparation

Another emergency meeting. Drop what you're doing, they need it now. We're changing direction and working late again. It's always last minute, make it up as you go along. Maybe it fosters teamwork and creativity sometimes, but you can only cry wolf so many times. In reality, the unexpected drama reflects your inability to set expectations, plan ahead, and think it through. And it's just wearing us down.

5. Not Building Skills

"People are our most important asset." Well, it's empty rhetoric here. Maybe you want to be hands-off or encourage self-reliance. Whatever the intent, you're not helping us grow. And that's your real job as a manager: to broaden our outlook, push us beyond our comfort zones, exemplify the corporate values, and focus us on learning, serving, persevering, leading, and advancing. Don't take that responsibility lightly.

6. Overzealous

History remembers the tyrants but rarely the subjects who did the heavy lifting. It's no different here. You've created a divide-and-conquer atmosphere, all stick and no carrot, where everyone should be the same workaholic reflection of you. Eventually, your bullying and rah-rah intensity produces one question: "Why?" You may think we should be in "for life," but what are you giving back in return for that blind loyalty?

7. Don't Maintain Discipline

All the workers come and go as they please, living according to their own rules. No one knows who is where or doing what, and the result is chaos. Maybe you want to be our buddy—or experience how a sweat shop atmosphere fosters only resentment. Either way, coddling does no favors to anyone. Like it or not, you need to set rules and hold people accountable.

8. Never Heard of Tact

You always remind us that we're replaceable and working at your pleasure. Yes, it's your legendary bluntness. Your talent and tenure shields you from scrutiny. Sadly, your lack of self-awareness results in everyone—superiors and reports—maligning or marginalizing you. Brains take you only so far; eventually, you'll need to build and nurture relationships. And that requires people skills: listening, charming, understanding, and compromising. Think you're up for that?

9. Lack Influence

It's funny how we're usually last to get face time and resources. Our mission is vital and performance exceeds expectations. You'd like to believe it's jealousy, but maybe the messenger is undercutting the message. Look at your variables: appearance, body language, and speaking and writing styles. Do you always convey the image of a polished professional who can work in a team and get the job done? If you can't, you'll never get anyone's ear.

10. Blindside Us

Ah, there's nothing like a surprise. Whether you're singling us out in public or ambushing us in private, you're not afraid to render judgments and deliver lectures. Despite our advanced degrees and track records, you still treat us as servants. Instead of dropping the news all at once, give us fair warning when our performance doesn't meet expectations. Always take action immediately—and discreetly.

11. Fail to Motivate or Praise

Ever sense we're working just hard enough to stay under the radar? Ever wonder why your pep talks and threats are often disregarded? Take a look at your day-to-day interactions. How much praise and feedback are you regularly providing? Are you boosting our egos, reminding us of our successes and the bigger picture when failure inevitably happens? Don't take us for granted. Care about us personally—or you'll never break through.

12. Poor Communication

We're seemingly floundering, with no vision, goals, expectations, or time frames. We don't know why decisions are made—if we hear about them at all. We're frozen out, unsure if we're moving forward, beating hopelessly against the tide. And we fear the unknown more than the truth. Want to stay credible? Drop the smokescreens and evasions and be straight with us. We all have a stake.

13. Too Wimpy

We've coined plenty of nicknames for you. Let's just say they center around one theme: You'll never be featured as a "profile in courage." No, you're the one who doesn't make waves and avoids any unpleasantness. You can keep your head down only so long. Eventually, our superiors will cross that line, whether it's fleecing customers or flouting laws. And that's when you have the great decision: Stand up—or sell out and guiltily collect a check.

14. Hypocrisy

"Do as I say, not as I do." We see the double standards every day. You question our commitment—while you interview for other jobs. You preach accountability, then take consulting gigs during crunch time. It's funny how you always find exceptions for yourself. "Because I said so" may work with children, but not so well with seasoned professionals. Right now, you're only managing. To lead, you must apply the rules to yourself and be an example.

15. Too Serious

You set the tone—and the office has become a morgue. You hide behind a closed door. And when you emerge, you're all business, guard up, dour, distant, and critical. Work isn't designed to be adult day care, but it can't be internment, either. It's time to venture from your shell and make the atmosphere more fun. Whether it's humor, surprises, getaways, or disrupting calcified routines, inject some fresh air and energy. Give us an extra impetus to come in every morning.

16. Claim Credit

Congratulations! Your net operating income looks fabulous. Too bad you made it on our backs. Of course, the higher-ups have no idea what we forfeited—and you'll never tell them. Whether you take credit for our ideas or numbers, we know how the game works. You're the Teflon manager. Your superiors protect you; human resources fears you. But we know the truth—and so do you.

17. Short-Timer

You view us as a stepping-stone, another line on your résumé. You're out for yourself, and you lead like it. You arrive late and leave early, delegating everything you can. You play it safe, piling up the low-hanging fruit and carefully weighing the politics. Eventually, you'll coast into the higher ranks … where you'll be exposed. Don't be like all the others who waited until tomorrow to learn how to build relationships and lead initiatives.

18. Don't Keep Info Confidential

You have an open-door policy in theory. In reality, what we say can, and will, be held against us. You smile and nod when we express our doubts. Still, these conversations end up publicly haunting us. Maybe we're better off keeping everything to ourselves, but that won't help you. Loose lips sink ships—and relationships. You can't lead if you can't be trusted.

19. Fail to Address Issues

Harry Truman popularized "The buck stops here." Your motto would read "Chuck, duck, and obstruct." No, you want us to keep quiet and pretend everything is running smoothly. When we start simmering, you throw it back on our shoulders. Somehow, you hope it goes away. It won't. Cop-outs and Band-Aids (JNJ) only pacify for so long. Eventually, the issue becomes about you. At that point, no lip service or half-hearted efforts can save you.

20. Micromanage

We used to grumble about a lack of direction. Now the pendulum has swung. You hover and meddle, unable to delegate, leaving your fingerprints on everything. At times, that is necessary. But eventually you need to step back and give us autonomy and ownership. You retained us for our expertise, creativity, and intangibles. Keep your eye on the big picture and connect the moving parts—stop "micromanaging" and let us do our jobs.

21. Feel Threatened By Your Employees

It has been said that employees leave managers, not companies. You're proving that observation true. All leaders fear losing control or exposing their weaknesses. They don't establish authority, however, by shooting down ideas or congratulating themselves. Managers today are respected for their capabilities, flexibility, and professionalism, not their titles. They reflect well on their people, too. And that's how the best bosses attract and retain the best people. Want a better team? Become a better manager.

22. Unpredictable

The fuse is lit. Something happened on your conference call—and we know what comes next. It'll be another tantrum, with the usual cursing, stomping, and huffing and puffing. Sure, you quickly snap back to normal, but we still walk on egg shells. We don't know when to approach you, knowing another outburst awaits the wrong question. Passion is critical in leadership, but keep it controlled, or you'll lose our respect.

23.Lack of Fairness

We've seen it all here: favoritism, broken promises, politics, and reprisals. We're always looking over our shoulders, knowing it's often about appearances. And the lack of transparency only feeds our gut suspicions—the ones we project onto you. Before you're completely tuned out, look back on the basics. That means applying the same rules for everyone, honoring your word, and bringing those camouflaged mores into the open.


We watch your exchanges with the higher-ups. You tell them exactly what they want to hear; your usual bravado replaced with that fake smile and small talk—those same pretenses we all perform. Deep inside, we long for authenticity. We want to rip away the curtain, to know their motives and where we truly stand. Afraid you're losing the ability to motivate and connect with your people? Start here.

25.Not Responsive

We work in a "time is money" and "the sooner, the better" world. Customers have grown accustomed to quick response and resolution. Except here, of course, where we're always waiting on you. No one doubts your plate is full. Nonetheless, we're the ones taking the heat, not you. Maybe it's time to adjust your priorities and pace. If you can't, your customers will … somewhere else.

26.Don't Have Our Back

"We're all in this together." That is, until we hit the proverbial iceberg. Then you're the first to scurry into a life raft. No, you're not the one who'll admit an error or take responsibility. You'll roll over and sacrifice your scapegoat, as always. And that's why we avoid taking risks. When we do, we wonder if you'll support and shield us. Remember that the next time you're looking for someone to take charge.

27. Make It Personal

"It's just business," right? Not with you. You're out to settle scores. You trash people when they leave—or cheap-shot them here. You hold grudges and play dirty. Worst of all, we know you'd fire us if we ever fought back. You're too thin-skinned to be second-guessed. In the end, your behavior only invites more scrutiny.

28. Too Focused on Politics

Sometimes, you seem more interested in competing with other departments than our real rivals. You're always withholding and excluding, promoting that "us vs. them" mentality. Maybe this is your way of showing how smart or invaluable you are. Unfortunately, you're pulling us down with you. In the end, we all rise and fall together. Remember that the next time you start playing games.

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Ham radio friends

sorang dr meka nie dah upgrade, masuk class A.. aku tah bila la pulak.. memang dok mcm nie je la..

from 9W2AJL

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Kuala Lumpur



Memories 1997 to 2009

National Museum Visit

Suhaily & Aida Wedding

Climbing acivities @ Putrajaya

You all can visit Taman Cabaran at Putrajaya.

cycling, rock climbing (indoor), skating,

First day of school Jan 2010